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The BEST 7 Questions To Get You Motivated & STAY Motivated!

Is your motivation lacking?! Can’t get your head in the game? Today, we look at a topic which is key to your weight loss success – MOTIVATION! Plus, check out the 7 best questions you should ask yourself in order to not only get motivated, but STAY motivated!

Motivation is ultimately what will not only keep you on track, but will propel you forward to reaching your end goal of your dream target weight. And when you get there, your motivation will need to continue so that you hold onto that dream size.

To motivate is to encourage a reason for doing something, and for everyone, their motivation will be different. With the kids back to school, many of our customers are using Christmas as their motivation, but this can vary from person to person.

Like anything in life we all have our reasons for wanting to do something. Whether it is big or small, finding the motivation to help you complete the task is sometimes all you need for success. In terms of a weight loss journey the reasons can be more complex so to keep you on the right path leading into winter, take a minute to analyse exactly WHY you are on this journey. Acknowledge what it was that made you take the first step! This will serve as your motivation throughout and you should constantly remind yourself of it in order to succeed.

We all have our various reasons for starting a diet but reminding yourself of the main reasons

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